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Originally Posted by SDTkeld View Post
Built under license. I guess we could have kept using the Allison engine to keep it All-American, because that was working so well. Don't worry, we made the best radial engines. See P-47, F6F, F4U, B-29 and on and on.
Actually the engines on the B-29 were a problem that fully never got solved, and almost canceled the program. Even when the engine was used in the 1950's, they continued to fail and bring down trans-oceanic flights.
The British made almost no changes to the Merlin engine after 1941, all development work and improvements were conducted by Packard and Ford U.K. The engines were greatly simplified, improved, and more durable. Materials in the bearings and valve seats were improved, and we gave them 110 octane fuel to use, as well as Ethylene Glycol for cooling.
My grandfather's company made parts for both Curtiss-Wright and Pratt & Whitney during the war, but Dad was very proud of the book he had that detailed the American improvements to the Merlin engine. I wonder where that went when he died?
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