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Arrow New order packet tips

Ok, that's try this one more time and see if we can stay on track. Again I want to thank all those that sent their packets in early where we were able to see common mistakes and to let everyone know.

2. We will not drive to the post office to pick up register mail.
3. This area has 6 different zip codes and just because tracking said it went to
36201 does not mean we didn't get it. 36201 is the main post office.
4. No we can not look through 8000+ packets to see if yours is here.
5. No we can not find your packet to add your birth cert., passport, club card,
FFL, or other documents that you forgot to include in the packet.
6. No we can not check to see if your FFL holder has sent an FFL for you. If
they faxed or emailed it, they would have been sent an acknowledgement
of receipt.
7. We have so far about 200 FFLs that were sent without names on them.
8. I can not understand why FFLs are being sent to me instead of address as is stated in the order packet.
9. I am doing my best to forward them to the FFL email address. But I am
sure I will miss some. sorry that is on you as it is clearly posted where to
10. No you are not required to put your SSN in the packet, the NICs people
have asked for it as it is easier to complete the background. But
remember if you go on delay, we can not re-run your NICs for 30 days
and we will not hold up orders for you to come off delay. Unlike some
FFLs, if you go on delay after 3 days they will still sale you the firearms.
We must have a "proceed" before shipping the firearms.
I will continue to update

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