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Originally Posted by cmp1911admin View Post
We are getting tons of calls/emails regarding "missing" documents or forgot to get 2A notarize, forgot club information, forgot proof of citizenship and such. I am sorry but if caught the order packet will be rejected. No you can not send us the documents to include in your packet and if you send another packet it too will be rejected. Everyone was give 90 + days to ensure their order packet was correct and complete and it is not fair to the others that submitted a complete order packet. I know 99% were an honest mistake but there is always that 1% that will try to scam the system as we have already found out.

Dang, you guys need to go out with a press release and update the webpage and Facebook as well with this information. One can only imagine what what it is going to be like here, and the emails/phone calls, as the 4th gets closer.

Hang in there! But on the bright side, for each packet you trash, will put mine farther to the head of the chow line[emoji41]

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