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Default South Store Report 05/23/2019

There were 8 customers at opening, another 5 shortly after opening and racks were full with 66 rifles.

Armors today are Bobby and Colby.

CMP Specials, WRA 5/ SA 3/ HRA 1
CMP Field Specials, SA 15

WRA SG, 10, one WRA barrel w/numbered IHC stock. Wood 50/50 USGI/CMP.

IHC SG, 20, most LMR barrels/ stocks mostly USGI with a few IHC numbered stocks. Stocks overall were very nice..

SA 6 million, 609xxxx, non DAS stock, barrel 6/56, ME/TE 2+/3+, 1220.00.


M1C SA SG, 5

M1 Drill, 3

Daisy air rifle, 1.

Good luck on your searches.

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