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Originally Posted by Modad View Post
How long to wait to contact CMP that my number 5509 has seen several contacted having up to 5800 numbers getting called, when I've heard nothing yet? I understand they don't go in order but 300 numbers out seems fairly drastic and I'm wondering why. I'm in Arkansas and have never had any problems with background checks buying guns. Double checked my paperwork and all still is accurate and the FFL license is up to date. Hmmm
You are not alone....patience!
Originally Posted by GoCougs View Post
Gotta be close
Packet sent: 9/28/2018 FEDEX
Packet received: ??
Lottery Number assigned: 5552 ( notified by 1911admin 4/05/19)
Contact that it is my turn: should be soon (know I need to update ffl info)
Grade offered/selected: TBD
CC hit: TBD
Shipped: TBD
Received: TBD
Make received: TBD
Model received: TBD
Serial Number received: TBD
Grade received: TBD
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