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Originally Posted by djryan13 View Post
Thanks for all the help today. I spent way too much. I got the M1C, 3 WRA’s (one with lockbar) and 2 IHC’s. Was hoping for 1903 drill too but I guess I shouldn’t be greedy. ��

I hadn’t bought a Grand in a few years so doubling my collection was in order. I was just driving someone from Austin to NJ where he will be staying so they were nice enough to ship. I am flying back from NJ Sunday...

Debating if I am a nice enough guy to fly to NJ at end of Summer just to stop in again on way back. But can only get 2 more ��

I also met someone else there from Austin area who is going to give me a flying lesson.
Well, if your are on a road trip, that's the way you do it. When I drive from PA, its going to be a minimum 3 rifle trip.
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