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Default WWII (Post-WWII) Depot Builds...

Just my take (IMHO) on why all of those M1911 builds are showin' up from the ARMY MUSEUM SYSTEM crates...

There were 1,264 M1911s (w/o documented DLA supply condition codes) transferred to CMP 1911 from the ARMY MUSEUM SYSTEM in JANUARY, 2018.



Out of those 1,264 M1911s, there are very few in original configuration (with replacement grips)!!!

Most are late WWII (or POST-WWII) DEPOT builds...


A RECEIVER is a RECEIVER is a it a M1911 or a M1911A1 (only difference being the clearance cuts)!!!

The last M1911A1 RECEIVERS were produced in 1945...and there were still many unmodified surplus/salvaged M1911 RECEIVERS sittin' in warehouses at SPRINGFIELD ARSENAL (et al) ready to be built into weapons using available parts!!!

SO they put 'em to good use...


If the weapon was still serviceable when it underwent depot level maintenance in the '70s or ' was refurbished as needed & remained in service!!

That's why all of these late WWII (or post-WWII) depot builds (consisting of an WWI receiver, WWII (or post-WWII) slide, and a mix of M1911 & M1911A1 parts) are showing up in the ARMY MUSEUM SYSTEM boxes!!!

They remained on "active duty" (be it in the arms room of an active or reserve unit...or in a box in a crate buried in a warehouse) until the '80s (or in the case of some reserve & guard units...the early-mid '90s) when they were "retired" to the museum system (based solely on the serial number of the M1911 RECEIVER)!!!



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