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Originally Posted by weimar_police View Post
I essentially agree with your reasoning, but keeping in mind, that the average unit armorer did not care, a 1911a1 was a 1911a1 whether it started as a 1911 or not, and museum is essentially the same thing, most museums just want a representative piece. Only a very good, precise museum curator would know the difference.

BTW, The last time I saw 1911a1's was at the 54th Area Support Group in the Netherlands in 1993-94 time-frame (MP Station), when we received the new M9's and switched over.

Ain't too concerned about what happened at the unit level...

Just offerin' an educated guess at what transpired at the ARSENAL & DEPOT level to explain the abundance of combo M1911/M1911A1 builds that are popping up...cuz they're all excruciatingly similar!!!


I'll bet my bottom dollar that an order came out from DOD/DLA/TACOM (or some such agency or command) to turn all weapons with WWI serial numbers into the ARMY MUSEUM SYSTEM in the late '80s (or thereabouts)!!!

And then someone somewhere decided they were no longer needed & ordered the ARMY MUSEUM SYSTEM to turn 'em over to CMP 1911 in January, 2018!!!


We still had a few dozen M1911A1s in the 34th DIVARTY (MNARNG) arms room in the late 90s (and I'm bettin' that they constitute part of the 75, 755 CONDITION CODE F weapons still retained by DLA/TACOM)!!!

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