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Originally Posted by J.R.2009 View Post
Be careful with "weaker" springs. Needless to say you sure don't want a weaker recoil spring. A weaker trigger spring is OK but I have my doubts about the hammer spring being weaker. Don't think I'd go that route. Keep in mine the recoil AND hammer springs are both part of the cycle speed on the whole system.
Think I'd stay stock with every spring except the trigger spring.
Absolutely correct. Recoil and hammer springs are NOS USGI from Orion 7. I was only speaking of the trigger spring. It is responsible for the majority of the trigger pull weight that is capable of being changed. You can hit your target much easier with a lower pull weight.

Most of my 20+ USGI carbines had a trigger pull weight in the 7.0 lb range. Getting them down to 5.0 - 5.5 lbs. is an enormous difference. Also, stoning the contact points of the sear and hammer, the side of the TH where the trigger moves....this removes the creep and provides for a smooth trigger pull. The sum is much better groups indeed.
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