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I check this thread often and enjoy the pictures so I will try to participate. I will be challenged to post pictures when the time comes. I have eight barreled receivers. Eight should be enough but I find myself wishing I had purchased more. I received four by "luck of the draw". Two Standard Products and two Inlands. I was hoping for a S'G' because I was born in Grand Rapids and still live in West Michigan. I was close to Camp Perry so I stopped in and almost all the barreled receivers were S'G'. I bought three and an Underwood. (I also bought a great SG SA Garand that is correct except for the safety, cylinder lock plug and front sight.) I am busy purchasing parts for the barreled receivers. That's a lot of parts! I am not concerned about everything being correct. I am more concerned about what these carbines look like when they are finished. I don't plan on selling them. I hope my son, son-in-laws and grandsons enjoy them as much as I do. Some people like to collect rifles that are correct and that's OK. Some people like to collect rifles that hold tight groups and that's OK too. I am more interested in the history of military rifles and the men who carried them. When I was a kid my father and almost all of my friends fathers were WWII veterans. The quote goes something like "ordinary men who did extraordinary things". I have so much respect for that generation that I enjoy preserving that piece of history. I will try to post information and pictures of my progress. B-3-6
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