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Winchester and Inland. This is what they looked like when they came.

Completed the Inland with an NPM trigger housing I had lying around (mixed internal parts, mainly Inland). Used an Inland type 4 slide and round OI bolt. Stock is an Underwood stock that came with a service grade carbine I got a couple years ago, for which I had the right stock so had this one lying around. Replaced the barrel band ($15), since the one that came on the BR had stripped threads. Also bought a USGI oiler ($13). Had the sling already. Had the Ultimak mount and Nikon scope. (Which I don't recommend -- a Leupold scout scope is much better.)

For the Winchester, bought an RIA front sight, key and pin, total $38, and a USGI oiler ($13). Had all the other parts lying around (SG trigger housing completed with mainly Inland and Underwood parts, Inland type 4 slide, postwar U round bolt, type 3 barrel band, I.R. Co. rear sight. The repro paratrooper stock is one I got from Sportsman's guide a few years ago and was not using.

These are the completed carbines:

Both headspaced, close on go gauge and will not close on no-go gauge. Both are totally reliable and shoot well.

So completing these did not cost much. Except that after doing it I spent about $200 replenishing my spare parts supply. (mainly for a spare bolt, front sight and trigger housing parts.)
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