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The Air-15 from Creedmoor (or the MAR-177 upper from Crosman if they ever release it) are a great idea for indoor practice. I'm hoping to pick up one of the Crosman uppers so I can sneak in some practice at home after the kid goes to bed.

I also own a .22lr AR-15. It is set up like my full powered AR, just with a dedicated .22lr bolt and barrel. I shoot 50 yard reduction targets. I like it because it's quick. I can staple a full course of targets to a piece of cardboard, hang them up, shoot a full practice match, and be packed up and leaving for home in about an hour. THAT is a big plus for someone (like me) who has limited time to practice. I still shoot the full power AR in practice when I can, but I have found the .22 version to be a decent practice tool.

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