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I have a Compass Lake Engineering dedicated .22 upper with the Douglas Barrel and sights exactly like my full caliber match upper. I shoot it at 100 yards on the SR1 (I think) target.
I think it is worth it.
Instead of shooting .223, maybe 20 to 30 rounds and being satisfied with the results, I now typically shoot 50 to 100 rounds of .22 and am producing very consistant results that typically are 97/100 or better every ten shot string.
Except for offhand, which is still crummy, but improving.
I have convinced myself that the money spent for the upper is being recouped in ammunition costs and the amount of rounds sent down range.
Come February - March I will resume shooting the .223 in my practice sessions along with continuing the .22 in each session and expect to obtain exactly the same results in practice at 200 and 300 yard shooting.
I agonized over spending that much money for the .22 upper for a long time and am glad that I finally bought it.
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