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Originally Posted by dfancysr View Post
This chart lists dates and beginning lot numbers for noncorrosive production.
It was published in TN9-1305-200 dated June 1961.
I suggest you right click on the chart and save it to your computer with a descriptive name.


Same for this chart. Sadly it doesn't include or say anything about NAMMO or the AYR ammo. Seeing it included in this chart or the information at the link in the post above would sure be definitive for all concerned. Instead, as far as I'm concerned, I don't know what to think or believe.

I say this because I was always told up until the late 50-s or into the early 60's, depending on the manufacturer, if European made and Berdan primed, treat it as corrosive. Thing is, because I have NEVER shot corrosive ammo nor did I plan on it, I never worried about it nor did I concern myself one way or the other with what I was told as stated above. As I've said in most every other post on threads regarding this, ASK ME, I HAVEN'T A CLUE!
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