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Just poking around this thread and saw the remarks about the loose stuff having WWII corrosive rounds mixed in with the HXP. My understanding was that this ammo, in spite of the "joke" about it being "floor sweepings", came off of linked ammo belts. CMP has a crew that was sitin', delinkn' and countin' and filling the ammo cans. I will assume that the counting was just base on 200+ round belts. And since mine have all been OVER the 200 count they didn't count each case as they dropped them in those cans.
I can't imagine those folks looking at every case head stamp to be sure we didn't get a "bad" one.

BUT, all that said I do think CMP should change the description a bit. Maybe caution us that there "might" be other head stamps and "some" corrosive rounds mixed in.
What I won't complain about is the 200+ LC rounds ( non C ), the 100+ Winchester mix in the last few cans. Of the 1000 or so rounds I have received I have had only a very few corrosive, maybe 10+.
I'd still change the description a little just to CYA.

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