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Originally Posted by Mwieczorek View Post
The Air-15 from Creedmoor (or the MAR-177 upper from Crosman if they ever release it) are a great idea for indoor practice. I'm hoping to pick up one of the Crosman uppers so I can sneak in some practice at home after the kid goes to bed....
The MAR-177 is out!! I got mine on Saturday and have not had a chance to shoot it. Upon inspection it looks really good. Seems very substantial and looks like it will really help me. I can set of a 10 meter range in my basement so I have a nice warm place to shoot. The only think that I'm going to do to it (that I know of now) is to change out the rear sight. I'm going to put on a 1/4x1/4 rear hooded sight and drop in a Bob Jones lense. Then it will be just like my SR upper!
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