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Received one in early July of last year and it was classic "service grade"...Some worn bluing, a few nicks and scratches here and there but overall very nice.

It was truly "stripped"...Basically nothing but a receiver and a barrel, the only "extra" supplied was the feedramp/ejector block and the screw which secures it into the breech area. Oh yes! ...and the stub of a screw that had been sheared off in one of the front sight base mounting holes! Thank goodness for miniature "EZ outs" from Craftsman! Worked like a charm at extracting the stub.

I have since successfully turned this BR into a beautiful USMC 40X by carefully hunting down all the missing parts. CMP, Numrich, Outback Gun Parts, Midway, and Pacific Tool and Gauge for the bolt.

The endeavor certainly has been more costly than the complete (sans sights) USMC 40X I purchased from CMP a few years back but the build up has indeed been a worthwhile and fun project.

So now I have twin USMC 40X's! If you consider the "below market", price of aquisition, of the earlier "complete" 40X and the relatively "high" price of doing the second one from parts, I am still in the black considering the true market value of the pair.

Bottom line? 40X's are Nicey Nice! USMC 40X's are rare!...I say snag one while you can and start hunting parts. Afterall, it's only Money! Uncle Sam will print more!

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