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Default NS Report 9/6

There was an IHC there. Pause for dramatic effect. A drill rifle. Now take a second to catch your breath.

Here's what else I saw:

3 ea M1D Rack
1 Rk M1D Service
1 Rk M1C Field
1 Rk M1C Service
1.5 Rk B/R
2 Rk Drill Rifles Mostly SA/HRA with 1 IHC( Postage Stamp) and 1 or 2 WRA.
1 Rk Rack - WRA
3 Rk Field - SA
2 Rk Field - HRA
1 Rk Field - WRA
1 Rk Service - SA*
1 Rk Service - HRA*
* AF G-3 rifles, Very nice with NM parts to be found. Most had new stocks with probably half having the CMP cartouche. Still listed as SG though.

1 Rk Service Special - SA
1 Rk Service Special - HRA
1 Rk .308 Special
2ea -06 Special

The normal assortment of .22 B/R, 1917 S/Rs, and a chrome 1917 was there. I saw about 8 HR M1A kits, and there was 1 more TRW kit after I left. I did an O-6* check on the SA's that were there and didn't see any. I did see one FG with correct barrel and the tag showed it at 4/5 if I remember. I thought it kind of interesting that most of the AF rifles had early 8/12 inspection dates.
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