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I originally thought it wasn't a big deal until i spent an hour trying to get the oprod off. I was finally able to the next day with the help of two others (one of which was a gunsmith) We had to use a flat head screwdriver to lightly pry in between the oprod and receiver while giving the oprod some taps with a rubber mallet. Smithy told me the oprod tab may have been a bit over sized. I pulled the USGI oprod off of my unlce's M1A and installed it on my rifle and the action was perfect! Either way it looks like Bula is taking the necessary steps to make it right so I'm still a happy camper and pleased with my purchase. The guys down at my LGS were drooling over it when it came out of the case. Ill post a range report once i get it to the range.

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Looking good. That op rod alignment is not that bad. Hope your new op rod takes care of the problem. I am sure you will get things the way you want them shortly.
Good luck and lets see some nice range reports.

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