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Default USPS Insurance claim?

I need a little help/advise. I bought a Browning 425 shoutgun from a man on Gunbroker. He advertised that there were a few handling marks and that it was a great gun. When I received it yesterday it looked like there was a crack in the grip area. When I opened and close the action you could feel that the stock was broken. I have my doubts about him not knowing about it being broken.

I contacted the seller and he assures me it was not broken when he shipped it. My dealer (long time family friend) said the gun was shipped perfectly and that there didn't appear to be any damage to the box. The seller wants me to make a claim with USPS. A new stock and forearm from Browning is around $800 ( I am including a forearm too because I want the wood to match), or total reimbursement is $1500.

Has anybody made a claim with USPS before? If so, how long does it take, how do I go a bout it?



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