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Default High Power Matches within 2hrs of ATL

SRGC Feb 3 800agg
TMP Feb 24 1000agg
TMP Feb 25 3x600
RBGC Mar 3 M-14/M1A Match
SRGC Mar 3 800agg
RBGC Mar 10 800agg
RBGC Mar 11 3x600
FCWA Mar 17 CMP GSM(35-shot), 2 complete matches
TMP Mar 24 1000agg
TMP Mar 25 EIC
SRGC Apr 7 800agg
ORSA Apr 7 800agg
ORSA Apr 8 EIC Rifle
RBGC Apr 12 4-man Team Match "Confederate Nationals"
RBGC Apr 13 800agg "Confederate Nationals"
RBGC Apr 14 800agg "Confederate Nationals"
RBGC Apr 15 EIC "Confederate Nationals"
TMP Apr 28 1000agg
RBGC May 5 Rifleman's Weekend, CMP GSM
RBGC May 6 Rifleman's Weekend, CMP GSM
RBGC May 12 800agg
RBGC May 13 3x600
SRGC Jun 2 800agg
TMP Jun 8 "D-Day Matches" EIC
TMP Jun 9-10 "D-Day Matches" Garand/Vintage Sniper Matches
RBGC Jun 9 800agg
RBGC Jun 10 3x600
TMP Jun 21 1000agg(CMP Regional Cup)
TMP Jun 22 1000agg(CMP Regional Cup)
TMP Jun 23 1000agg(CMP Regional Cup)
TMP Jun 24 EIC
>> TMP: Talladega Markemanship Park
>> RBGC River Bend Gun Club
>> SRGC: South River Gun Club
>> ORSA: Oak Ridge Sportsman Association

That list does not include
-- the Monthly RBGC 100yrd Clinic/Match(learn the procedures and techniques for shooting High Power)
Always the 4th Saturday of each month.
-- Floyd County Wildlife Association, Rome, GA hosts 2 CMP 30-shot GSM matches each month
check Facebook page for announcements
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