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Default East German kit/British 1937 Pattern kit for sale- PRICE DROP

I've got a NVA (East German) field kit for sale:
Belt, Suspenders, mag and grenade pouch and canteen all NOS.
Also another 3 canteens and a WG german cleaning kit are included.
45.00 shipped.

Then a basic British 1937 Pattern kit:
Belt, suspenders, mag pouches, frog, and canteen.
This has a Haversack and "Tommie" helmet.
170.00 shipped. NOW 125.00

The NVA kit is from Cheaper than Dirt and you can see the ad for the kit.
The British kit is an offering from IMA some years ago.
I want to keep them as sets.

Pictures are here:

I'll take Paypal or a USPS MO.
Usual forum etiquette applies.
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