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Originally Posted by pieceinthevalley View Post
The last M1 I had them research did verify that it was sold to me as the original purchaser. The only documentation provided was their internal sales receipt, and their response letter was very specific about not providing a replacement COA. Hope this helps.
That's interesting! Something must have changed. Then again if purchased 20+ years ago you may not get a COA and just a letter. I missed that the OP said "20+ years ago"....
Originally Posted by Big_Red View Post
Thanks for the Wingman check you know, funny things can happen at 0300! : )

That's a very good clarifiction for the OP.

If you are NOT the original owner of the rifle, then they cannot re-issue a certificate, and only basically confirm via letter whether or not it was purchased from the CMP, as per the info in their FAQ:

IF you are the original owner, and it is basically after 2000, CMP can and will certainly issue a replacement certificate. But only if you are the verified customer on record for having purchased the item.

As posted, OP appears to be original purchaser and can get a replacement certificate...he just needs to contact CS as per the contact info above...

Apologize to all for any confusion.

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