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Default New to me 1903A3 question

I finally jumped on the band wagon and purchased from CMP a Remington 1903A3. 3,785,XXX serial no., 5-43 Rock Island barrel, Muzzle 0 Throat 1, beautiful shinny bore, standard proof markings (I'm assuming) on the straight stock. Stock has one scratch and a scuffed up front top hand guard. No biggie since overall it looks great! Bob at the counter said looks like arsenal rebuild in it's lifetime since a light parked finish on receiver.

This morning I'll be disassembling the bolt for a massive cleaning since it's boofed up with cosmoline plus removing the trigger/mag well assembly for a thorough cleaning. I punched the bore already and it is just about perfect! Looking forward to a range session either this afternoon or tomorrow with pictures. I have plenty of HXP ammunition that I use in my Garands.

My question is: Should I also take the receiver and barrel assembly completely out of the stock for inspection and cleaning? My thoughts are leave it alone and see how and where it shoots first before attempting this undertaking. I have the skills and proper tools, but why go this far I'm asking myself? Like to hear your thoughts......
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