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Originally Posted by JimF View Post
I very much doubt your 5-43 barrel is from Rock Island . . . . .Im thinking it is R-A/5-43.
You are correct, Sir. Then it is not a Rock Island, but Remington Arms (I'm guessing). Still learning. I stand corrected. Thank you.

Originally Posted by AzMedic View Post
I'd shoot it to get a baseline, but make sure all your screws/bolts are properly tightened. The upper receiver tang if not properly clearanced and tightened properly can crack the tang area when fired - the trigger plate bolts if loose can cause the recoil lug to crack under repeated recoil - there was a comment on another thread to remove the stock, check for pitting/rust on the underside of the barrel - treat appropriately and then remount the wood stock. BTW, who's initials are on the armorer's tag (JB?) - If it was Mr Beard, I would drop him a note with your SN to see if he has anything to add from his inspection notes....
All the bolts were pretty much loose. I did end up taking it apart. Lots of cosmoline inside stock and rest of inside guts. Cleaned up nice and already reassembled. Heading back to North Store now since I need a sling. Inspectors initials on tag was PRS or PKS?
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