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Default Sport Education

To everyone that chose air rifle as your calling, this is your new place to go.

Jon and I will be using this sub-forum as a place to educate junior shooters as well as coaches on everything we possibly can. From how the EIC system works, to discussing rules, and why college coaches do not talk to your shooters. We have had many parents, shooters, and high school coaches approach us about a variety of topics, but we've also had college coaches ask us to spread the word since we, the CMP, are the first real shooting platform before college.

In addition to this forum, we plan to document our competitions that we also shoot in so that all air rifle enthusiasts can get a glimpse into how we prepare, train and compete. How we document these events will probably be through a blog so that folks not on this forum can read it. Lastly, we want to start a video blog of sorts so that we can discuss some of the same topics but present it in a manner that allows for maximum understanding.

Although what I'm saying may sound like it will be redundant, the goal is simply to spread the sport across as many platforms as possible. We want the shooting industry to flourish, and the more we spread education and ensure safety is the number one priority, the more people we can reach.

Please, use this as a way educate others. If you want information on something, post it here and we will answer it so everyone can see.

CMP 10X - Mike
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