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Originally Posted by Uncle Mike View Post
Hi, My friend asked how I could justify such a purchase. He's in his late 60's and just bought a new Chevy Corvette,. I guess it depends on your out look. I love mine but found that a little grease was needed on the part that ejects the clip. Works like a charm, regards, Mike
The first thing I did was clean the white lithium grease off and put a light coat of Mobil 1 synthetic grease on everything that slides. I put a coat of Mobil 1 synthetic oil on the ejection spring. I also put a very light coat of oil on the track the rounds slide down to be loaded, to help them slide easier. (Before anyone says anything, note the coat of oil is so light, there is no detectible residue transferred to the rounds being loaded into the enbloc.)

Everything moves very smoothly, with minimal effort. I am impressed with the quality of the machining and welds. The only thing I can foresee that may ever need to be replaced is the ejector spring, and that can be easily removed and replaced. I really like that it is parkerized as well.

I view the one time cost of the loader as minimal considering the number of years I will be using it, and how much time and discomfort it will save me. Makes it very worth every penny for me.

Glad you like your purchase as well Mike.
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