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Default 6.5 Swede 03-A3 Interest?

Hey guys,

A few months ago I posted up to gauge interest in 6.5 Swede conversions for US service rifles. There seemed to be a good amount of interest, but I had to work through another big project, converting a couple dozen stripped Hakim receivers into 6.5x55 Ljungman clones, before I could take on any new endeavors.

Why my fixation with the Swede? I simply believe it's the best classic full-caliber military cartridge there is. Many will disagree, but that's really all I've got to say for myself.

I had initially wanted to order a run of Garand barrels. I quickly confirmed that the Garand clips will not fit 8 rounds of 6.5x55 due to their larger case head. When loading 7 rounds in the clip, the problem seemed to be resolved, but I almost gave myself Garand thumb when I overinserted the partially-filled clip. I have a couple ideas to allow the use of standard clips with 6.5x55, but that project will remain in the works for at least a few months.

I shifted my attention to the M1917 because of the availability of P.17 actions from Sarco and the ample supply of inexpensive sporterized rifles to restore. Although I'm working with someone to try to make reproduction stocks, the lack of wood put the brakes on that project as well.

I had initially overlooked the 03-A3 because it seemed like actions were expensive and hard to come by, but I revisited this model after I put the 1917 on the back burner. There seem to be a good number of fairly inexpensive sporterized 03-A3s out there, a large supply of surplus parts, and most importantly, several sources of decent replacement stocks.

Criterion has a minimum order of 25 barrels for a custom production run, and I'd like to make sure I'm not going to end up with a pile of extremely expensive tomato stakes. Would anyone on the forum have interest in an 03-A3 or 03-A4 build or conversion in 6.5x55? Ideally I'll be able to build the A3s on actions that haven't been drilled, and use the more badly sporterized actions to install A4 scope bases. It would also be an option to sell short-chambered barrels to those equipped to install and properly headspace them, though I think 6.5x55 reamers are probably not very common.

Thanks in advance for the input!

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