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Default No rebuild marks, is it possible??

I received a 1944 (SN 2012XXX) Remington Rand A1. Frame and slide are Remington Rand. I looked all over this pistol and can not fine any rebuild stamps. Is this possible? It has the inspectors initials, FJA on left side. It has "P" proof mark below the mag release. It has what appears to be a 3 on the left side forward trigger guard. Also has marks on right side forward and rear of trigger guard but the strikes are light so I cant see them in the pictures, will have to take a better look tonight, but they are single letters or numbers. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you for the responses Desert Rat 1979, Iron Rider, and Rapid 86. First, I took a look last night. the markings on the right side trigger guard are as follows: forward is a "B" and rear is also a "B". Left side forward trigger guard is definitely a "3". Finish looks original to me, but again I am no expert. It has a slight bit of wear from what looks like holstering. I will do as suggested with the oil and take pictures, but will not be able to this till Sunday or Monday at the earliest. I have lots to learn from this piece of history!
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