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You can always buy as many service grades as you want, screw on some new .308 barrels and sell them for whatever you want.

Seeing as how CMP sells the specials as quickly as they make them that tells me the price is not "too high", but that, of course, is my opinion.
You can't compare it to the M14s because, the M1 is the greatest rifle ever made.
My guess is that as the rifle is now somewhat altered (less "correct"), you may as well zero-time it and do a full rebuild. Were I to spend the money on a 308 Garand I'd go for the new look (and performance), but understand why a vintage option would be desired.

Just curious, as CMP's mission has nothing about "ensuring the maximum number of people possess M1s" and obviously would incur significant expense by artificially limiting rifle sales (to stretch out sales over 20 years means quite the storage fee), why "should" they limit Garands to 2/year?
Are you suggesting it is undesirable for me to sell a Garand today for market value knowing I paid less for it in the past?


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