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Originally Posted by deadeyedave View Post
no reason to assume anything..a lot of people like the 308 and I see no reason why the cmp couldn't sell a service grade m1 in 308 at a cheaper price than 1250.00. the m1 garand is in my opinion the best military rifle ever made and since the 30-06 was replaced by the 7.62x51 I can't think of any reason why it should not be sold as a 7.62x51. the history of the m1 garand will always be there no matter of what caliber its chambered for.back in the day a garand from cmp would cost 250.00 and that very same gun will sell from 1000.00 to 2000.00 just because people are greedy and the demand is continuing to keep going up.. I personally feel that any rifle from the cmp should not be put up for resale.your allowed 2 a year and after 20 years a person accumulates 40 rifles and builds up a nice retirement sense in anybody getting upset these are my opinions and mine alone
I understand your viewpoint. My main guess is that .308 can shoot the 7.62 nato round and a 308 vs just the 7.62. Also, with only 2 rifles per person the inventory may move too slowly to get more rifles back from overseas. That means more rifles poorly stored outside the US and less money going to the CMP to promote its mission. More rifles sold means more money going to promote marksmanship training. Also, less inventory going in and out means less of the a chance for everyone to get a shot at the more collectible ones. I did not know about the CMP before a couple years ago, you never know when they might not be allowed to sell the rifles so I would rather have them getting out to people that want them. Just my thoughts, always willing to hear out other viewpoints.

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