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Default WTS: Springfield Krag Model 1898

I hand picked this Krag at the North store as a restoration project. I need to live another 100 years to finish up my projects so I'm thinning a few out. I believe this rifle to be correct and original. I originally intended to have the stock repaired and the metal reblued.
The stock has a crack running aft of the magazine as shown in the pic below. I believe the stock to be original to the rifle. The rifle was built in 1901 and the stock has a beautiful 1901 cartouche The stock has a very nice grain pattern with some tiger striping on the butt stock. The barrel has some rust freckles on the outside. The dark areas inside the magazine well shown in the pic with the bolt open are dried grease or cosmoline. Inside the lands are strong but the barrel is dark more than likely from shooting blanks at a VFW or AL post. I have not cleaned this rifle nor taken it apart. Great piece of history and nice project for Krag fans. $475 NOW REDUCED TO $395 shipped to your C&R or FFL holder in the 48 states. Ensure your FFL will accept from private individual as I will not ship via an FFL on my end. CMP certificate included. First unconditional "I'll take it" posted here gets it. I prefer discrete PayPal family and friends or USPS MO or cashier's check. I will take a personal check if you have 50 or more Forum posts.

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