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Originally Posted by mac1911 View Post

I think the new rules did a good job of pushing away more shooters.
Sadly, I think you will be correct. 1- Pushing away or at least sucking some enjoyment from existing shooters who have been compliant for a few years but now are spending significant time and money to re-tool. 2 - Pushing away potential new shooters over rules that are challenging if not difficult to meet via existing commercial offerings.

Unless you buy a SAI M1A version that falls within the special allowance over 9.0 lbs or you buy some sort of lightweight carbine AR15, there are few clearly compliant options at the allowable 20" barrel length. How many companies are offering a complete AR15 rifle built with a pencil barrel? To get below 7.5 lbs, most standard barrel weight AR rifles are going to need an 18" barrel. OK fine- but what about everyone who has been shooting the standard weight 20" barrels for years?

What I really want to know was who exactly was pushing for the new rules changes, and how many of them were involved? I suspect a very small, minority number of loudmouth whiners can be 'thanked' by us for all the extra hoops and expense we must face.
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