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Originally Posted by Mountain View Post
I'm just curious who are they listening to when deciding to change? Nobody I know called for these changes, and I know or am acquainted with several top shooters with the program- Perry winners and/or top 5, winners of Games events, record holders, etc.
I think that Missllegeek's idea is probably the most logical. The Rules Committee probably initiated this change. Like you, I do not know anyone who was dissatisfied with the previous rules. They were a bit vague but most everyone was reasonably satisfied. That certainly isn't the case any longer.

The stated rationale was that somehow the initial intent of the match was lost. Supposedly, they wanted to get back to a match where folks were able to bring out to the range their old SP1's or standard M1A's which were sitting in closets or safes and compete with them. I don't see how the previous rules created any issues which prohibited folks from doing just that. They also allowed folks to shoot rifles that were near to the current standard service rifle (the M4A1 carbine).

What really confused me was the fact that they now allow free floating barrels. The old SP1's did not have free floating barrels - nor does the M4A1 carbine for that matter. That obviously came out of left field.

Just another case of a poorly thought out proposal made official.
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