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Originally Posted by rubicon762 View Post
I'm 55 years old and my eyes are getting worse not better.

I've been into Service Rifle (seriously) for 3 years. Knoblach glasses helped a LOT, but I'm certain going to a scope (like many on the line at the 2017 NM) will help me reach my goals.

What are the lesson's that those of you who have switched, learned?
My take is that you do not have to pay big bucks [i.e., 1800 - 3000] for a reliable scope for XTC.
Over in USRifleTeams, a poll on scopes used shows over 50% are using either a Leupold or a Vortex.
Personally, I've put over 7000 rounds through a VX2 [used on a match rifle].
There have been reports of tracking issues with some Leupolds and Vortexs - and there has been one with a Nightforce.
Note that John Holliger at WOA uses a Leupold for all his matches.

As for scopes helping with vision, at 72 the cataracts in my eyes made it impossible to get good sight alignment. Going to a scope decreased my groups by 50%.
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