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Default Unexpected Circumstances

Jon and I thought we were not shooting our first competition match until Thursday but found out at the airport we were shooting the very next morning following a 15-hour travel day and late arrival to the Olympic Training Center.

Jetlag and elevation change are just a few environmental effects traveling to a competition has on an athlete.

We were able to counter these issues to the best of our abilities with constant hydration and naps as often as possible. Of course, staying focused on the task at hand and not worrying about the things you cannot control is important too.

What are some of the things you do or have done to counter jetlag or other surprise situations?

Tell us your story of an unexpected relay start time, arriving late to a match or equipment not arriving on-time.

Coaches: run drills with your team. Bring them in on a practice match day and give them 5 minutes to set-up for the match and immediately start prep. Force them to decide how to handle the pressure and stress.

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