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Default For Sale CMP Daisy M853 ANIB

I purchased from CMP 03-20-20I4 Daisy M853. (Monte Carlo stock complete with sights) for $150.00 +SH (receipt available)

I planned to practice with it in my back yard. I have shot it possibly 30 times. And was very impressed at its accuracy at 33'. I just cant comfortably cock it with my arthritis. So I would like to sell it. It will come with two rebuild kits which I picked up from Daisy and a maintenance CD. I paid $150 for it and would like to recoup my $$. If anyone wants it for $150 plus shipping let me know.

I am going to replace it with a Avanti 887 Gold Medlist that I can use a scuba tank to recharge and not have to cock it.
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