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Default Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club - NRA Highpower Match 11/1/2015

The Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club will be holding an NRA Approved, highpower rifle match on Sunday, Nov 1st. Registration begins at 8:30AM in the clubhouse and we will commence fire at 9:00AM.


Competitors will fire service or match rifles in the standing, sitting (or kneeling) and prone positions. The match is shot at 200/300 yards at fixed target frames with sighting targets (ie - walk & paste match).

This match will require 50 shots for record, plus sighting shots. Match scores are sent to the NRA and count toward NRA highpower rifle classification. Match fees are $20 for adults and $10 for juniors. Awards are given for match winner and best in class(es).

The course of fire will be:
MATCH #1: 200 yard slow fire, 2 sighters + 10 rounds for record, 12min time limit
MATCH #2: 200 yard rapid fire, 2 sighters + 10 rounds for record, 60sec time limit
MATCH #3: 300 yard rapid fire, 2 sighters + 10 rounds 10 for record, 70sec time limit
MATCH #4: 600 yard (reduced 300) slow fire, 2 sighters + 20 rounds for record, 22min time limit

PM or email me if you have any other questions.
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