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Originally Posted by The Original Youngblood View Post
In about 2003 I started accumulating USGI M14 components to do, what I think of as, an M14 Variant Build (it is not actually a clone, after all ).

In 2005 I bought a receiver from Armscorp ... which was out of spec ... sent it back (The owner called me and asked if I would like the replacement to have a specialty s/n. I thanked him for the offer and told him that I would be happy just to have one that is in-spec, please.) ... and they shipped me a replacement ... which was also out of spec ... and I had to live with it. After that experience I never wondered why Armscorp disappeared shortly thereafter.

In 2010 I bought another receiver (4th of July Sale ), this one from Fulton Armory, and I found it to be an excellent product.

Late Summer 2013 I noticed the M14 barrel standing in a corner of my South gunsafe and remembered that I had not yet built that rifle.

After the Build I added a Bassett Machine quick-remove scope mount (Standard Low Scope Mount Package Item# SM14/1A-Lo) and I have been very happy with the results.

In what way was it out of spec.? I bought one that was pretty good, then two that were out of spec. (both in the same way), which I returned.
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