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I spent some quality time with some stocks today.
I grabbed a few (10-12) and decided to clean this batch to the wood. I sprayed with some water based cleaner (I used a bottle of awesome from $Tree, then refilled with 50% Purple Power and H2O; both work great). I let them soak for 30 min or so then scrubbed with an old scotchbrite sponge. I rinsed with hot water while scrubbing more, then let dry. Much as I want to get out the oil I'll let dry another day or so before considering any finish. Found some cracks and other fun.

This group: Top one is solid but has some varnish that hasn't come off. I'll need something stronger. Denatured Alcohol did nothing so not shellac. I'll strip it later this week.
Middle is the worst crack I found; it's straight through the left side magwell. Tight fit, easy fix, and the wood looks nice.
Bottom one is the one found last week. Looks like a splice was made before it was milled into a stock, top left under the receiver. Solid; I'll inspect the join and work some glue in the cracks before continuing.

This group looks good.
Top one has plugged grenade sight holes and a spliced piece above and to the right of the plugs. Also a heel splice. Also 3 spliced saw cuts just forward of the magwell.
Middle is solid, remanants of a cartouche.
Bottom is a replacement (foreign?) heavy dense wood. These had a nice coat of grease.

Top two below are solid well used stocks. Bottom one has unplugged grenade sight tools, a nice crack above and to the right, and a nice looking cartouche.

Worst group below. Top one is a heavy replacement, bottom left at buttplate is a fault in the wood. Should be easy to fix with sawdust and epoxy.
Middle one had a grenade sight and buttplate, I removed them for cleaning. Ruined because some jackwagon stamped "4400" in the barrel channel! Solid but well worn.RA-P on the bottom of the pistol grip.
Bottom is solid, I'll have to use paint to get rid of the distracting stripes.

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