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Quick update:
After the epoxy dried I used a hacksaw and cut off the pins. Get close, just don't risk damaging the stock. These are pretty good closeups (not bad for my iphone at my workbench), you can also see how the epoxy has fully filled the cracks; if these were any wider then the joint would be weaker as the epoxy had filled the void instead of made wood-to-wood contact.

I use a dremel with a sanding drum to sand down the pin. Use a medium speed so you don't cut too fast. Then finish up with sandpaper (always use a sanding stick or block, never use your hand or fingers alone on the sandpaper).

The brass is easy to work with a file or sandpaper.
When I screwed them in, once all 4 were in I used a toothpick to get epoxy all around where they entered the stock. This filled any gaps, but now that these 2 are sanded fluch if I see any pinholes I can fill with a drop of epoxy. But the BLO will probably fill any just the same.

These pins are too large; I should have used smaller ones.
One other option is to drill holes, put in epoxy but drive in wood dowels instead of pins. This is also a common repair and also period correct.
You can also use plain brass rod (easily available at hobby shops, probably at HD/Lowes); many milsurps I have received have previous repairs using them,


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