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Quick update on some of the M1 Garand stocks. Been busy at work, so they have just been again like fine wine.
Here is one of the nightly feedings.
They have 4 coats of 50% BLO/Turp rubbed in with scotchbrite and this is the 3rd coat of 100% BLO.
I had to pull one from this group for repair; found a sliver in the butt that needs to be glued, next time I mix some epoxy I'll hit it up.
Top photo is before I oiled today; last coat has dried for 24 hrs.

They aren't that shiny, this is just after I rubbed in the oil. I'll wipe down in an hour or so. It's 88 degrees and 65% humidity; they sat for 60-90 min last night and that was perfect; wiped down beautifully. Today they had hardened up well. Several are about ready, a few need more oil.
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