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Originally Posted by paintman View Post
Iím cleaning them right now. I am in love with these guns! The 6 digit really turns on my imagination. Itís obviously been rebuilt at least once. Everything on it has a nice wear that just makes me wonder what this rifle has seen. Interesting for sure.
On another positive note I planned on shooting when I got home this afternoon. That was postponed when I figured out my German Shepherd had her puppies. All 12 of them! Guess shooting will have to wait.
How have your barrels turned out so far? The one you saw me with, a six digit, ME 1+, TE 2+, is cleaning up really well. It is bright and shiny with no issues based on condition. It is a NM marked barrel. It cleaned up pretty easily. It is at least the second Field Grade I have bought there recently that in reality is Service Grade.
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