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Originally Posted by S99VG View Post
If stock markings are important to you (strictly a collectors perspective) then I'd make sure the stock and gun are all part of the original assembly and that the rifle had not been "corrected" on someone's kitchen table.
Corrected as in the right stock found and placed on that action, or corrected as in fake stamps added?

For the latter, given Mr Beard vouching for the apparent authenticity of the stamps, Iím good. If the former, though, I agree totally, and I, personally, know Iím not knowledgeable enough to tell. Thatís why I generally target rifles that are either advertised as rebuilds/issued/showing wear and tear, or at least are priced that way. Cuts me out of a segment of the available guns, but keeps me from getting (too badly) burned.

This oneís a very reasonable price, and maybe something will happen with it. But seller appears unwilling to negotiate or ship at the moment; I feel like Iíll need a little bit better of a deal to drive 8 hours round trip to see it from my home base. I may be closer in the area during vacations over the holidays, though, so who knows.

Itíd been posted for sale for a month when I came across it. IMHO you can sell for top dollar, or you can restrict it to a local sell, but rarely can you do both. Iím willing to watch and wait for the moment...
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