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Originally Posted by Big_Red View Post
Welcome to the forum TF and congrats on the first Garand (I assume)! That's a nice rack grade to be hitting targets out to 500 should post some photos in the M1 Garand section.
Lived in Wichita for a while and spent some time visiting friends up in KC and Overland Park...nice area. You'll find plenty others here bitten by the same bug, just don't come looking for a cure!

Thanks for the welcome Bob. I just compeleted another hand rubbed coat of B.L.O. to my rifle. I wish it had an original stock but I am happy with the C.M.P. stock. It's starting to look pretty good.
We have steel gongs at our club that start at 100 yards and go to 500. We've built dirt birms for each range that make easy to see where are misses go.
The 06 kicks up a lot of dirt. Lol ! What a hoot.
Thanks Again,
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