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Interesting observation RC. Come to think of it, I can't recall seeing another barreled like this either. Granted my only en mass experience with Enfields was with the final bolt action release at the North Store a few years ago (this one did not come from there, Dupage last year), but the only replacement barrels that stand out in my memory after handling a hundred or so were Johnson Automatics.

I am inclined to think it was military replaced mainly because of the finish. The parkerization matches too well to have been done at any time other than when it was on the rifle. While not indicative of anything by itself, the condition in which I received it made it clear it wasn't done recently. I spent three days cleaning dried, caked cosmoline out of the recesses and low points from all of the metalwork. So the barrel was installed before it was refinished and dunked in cosmo for storage. You could probably fake that kind of detail but...why?

All of the major parts are Eddystone, stock included, but there are a few little Remington bits, including the bolt release if I remember right. I'll take it out for some better daylight photos tomorrow. If Michigan's anemic winter sun qualifies.

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