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Originally Posted by mac1911 View Post
seems like cmp dropped some of the "special accurizing"

I dont know you tell me, I did shoot off a email but in the wait..........

Quick look on rifles
SAI Standard is 9.3lbs
Bula is 9.0lbs but has a modified barrel- Does the "military contour" rule still come into play
JRA M14 "original military configuration" model is listed as 10lbs

so basically thr cmp decided to "ban" one of the most common ARs the A2 with the rule change? CMP did not want it to be a equipment race but put restrictions on the optics that basically where not common ?
I dont know whats going on. Although because any cal up to 8mm can play in UMM I might run my 22lr AR with scope?

From the CMP PC7lxy8DkBBtPC2GqGP7dsbcB8k PC7lxy8DkBBtPC2GqGP7dsbcB8k
My M1A standard is on the lighter side. Itís right at 9 lbs.
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