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Default MODERN MILITARY Class A handguard sling attachment

This maybe painfully oblivious, but I can't quite figure this out:

What the heck is a non-adjustable sling swivel?

I want to install a free float handguard on a carbine for MM Class A.

5.2.3 Standard U.S. Modern Military Rifles, Class A
Category A Standard Modern Military Rifles must comply with these requirements:

e) Rifles may be fitted with a float tube or free-floating handguard. A non-adjustable sling swivel may be attached to the forward end of the handguard;

What the heck is a non-adjustable sling swivel? They are all adjustable are they not? This is what I had planned on using on a short piece of rail as far forward as possible on the bottom of the free float hand guard. Kinda pricey but it did not look like it was going anywhere once installed.



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