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I live close to the North store and have been there a few times over the past year. My observations are only of the past year.

I would just say that they are on the rack for a reason. What this reason could be depends on the individual buying or not buying the rifle.

For example:

1. The ones I saw had mixed wood of different colors.

2. Most have no cartouches at all. In other words getting one with the correct wood will be a long shot I think.

3. They previously sold them with the accessories. As you know it will not come with anything. This may be why they are not selling like hotcakes.

4. Of the ones I had inspected, none had matching serial numbers on the scope mount and the rifle.

5. They were a mixed bag on the rack. Not one the same in any way other than having the M1C mount. That's it.

So if you are wanting a rifle with just the M1C mount that is what you get.

Who knows, maybe a beauty is sitting in the back and you might get lucky. Good things come to those who wait!
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