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Originally Posted by Winnie View Post
Picked up the C today, very nice shootable rifle with nice wood and un-numbered mount, hang tag show ME 2+ TE 4+, I show 3 / 4. Barrel is a 1951 that is shiny and I don't see any pitting. Doesn't look Greek black to me, general Mixmaster with no arsenal or other etches. ALL WOOD IS USGI Walnut with no visible cartouches and stock is very loose and has zero lockup, but I'll just swap that out. I'd say it could pass as a service grade for $800 less. My repro Numrich mount fits perfectly.
Sounds nice! Can you tell us the serial number or at least the first few digits? Also, can you take a picture of the mount both staking (inside the receiver) and the pin condition outside the receiver? Im thinking of buying one and Id like to see what is going out now. Thanks!
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